Is It Teen Angst or Depression? | Psychology Today - What is teen angst

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"I am really depressed man my parent died and nobody is helping" Teen (usually a popular kid) who likes to think they have it rough due to teen angst: "Man. What is angst? “Angst” is defined as fear or anxiety (anxious and anxiety come from words of similar origin. Simply put, it's an inner turmoil that one experiences​.

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Teen angst is a bummer for parents, too. Learn how you can get through it -- and help your kid, too.
By Memi - 11:38
Knuckles scraping the floor, a hoodie pulled over the face to conceal embarrassment, an inability to rise before two in the afternoon. Teenagers.
By Dutilar - 07:32
Hollywood portrays teenagers in two ways: as young adults who party their weekends away or as grungy rebels plagued with teenage angst.
By Bara - 10:45
Understanding teen angst. McGuigan Grant winner Leah Somerville will further research on emotion in the teenage brain. By Lea Winerman. Monitor Staff.

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