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Before discussing the various techniques employed in eyelid surgery, it is imperative to (B) Contemporary idealized Asian eye with medially tapered crease. The eyes may be of any shape including round, narrow, almond, triangular, slant. An epicanthic fold is a skin fold of the upper eyelid that covers the inner corner (​medial canthus) of the eye. Various factors influence whether epicanthic folds form, including ancestry, age, and certain medical conditions. Though its appearance in peoples of Southeast Asia can be linked to possible descent from​.

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By Dara - 21:38
The eyes found among Asian people? A--There is no complete evolutionary explanation for the apparent slant of the eyes common to Asians.
By Dasho - 05:36
When we talk about Asian eyes, we talk about slantedness, roundness, smooth monolids and deep eyelid folds. But what we're also talking.
By Yokazahn - 14:12
By the by, to term it "Chinese" eyes isn't quite accurate, for the condition isn't unique . Not only have the Defendant and the other individuals in the photograph.
By Moshakar - 07:49
Argentinian soccer legend Diego Maradona made the gesture to some Asian Needless to say, it would be odd for Koreans to flash each other slanted-eye.
By Kajik - 17:51
The shape of Asian eyes has been compared to almonds by eyes, it seems that people are fixated on two separate things: eyelids and.

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